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The forbidden gem in the Caribbean.

The treasures of Cuba can now be explored!  With a combination of rich culture, strong history and an antique architecture, Cuba is exactly what you are looking for if you are seeking a unique experience.  The mixture of Spanish, Caribbean, African and American influences are seen throughout the versatile brew offered within the country.  Now is the ideal time to travel to Cuba, which offers its old world charm packaged in a new world excitement.

When to visit

The warm tropical destination can be visited year round.  In addition to its picturesque white sandy beaches and its fine architecture, Cuba also has a number of events which attract visitors from near and far.  The annual Havana Cigar Festival held in February is one which displays a number of new release cigars, Tabacco plantation tours, cigar factory tours and much more.  You can also travel to Cuba in June where you can experience the explosion of colours, music and dance at their one-week Carnival in Santiago.  If you choose to travel in December, you can experience the International Jazz Festival featuring a number of prominent musicians showcasing their talent.

Things to do

In Cuba, you can package your experience to correspond with your preferences.  The smell of sweet cigars is not the only thing Cuba has to offer.  There are excellent dining facilities, street food vendors who offer a number of Cuban foods, many historic sites to visit, a number of natural attractions to choose from, an exquisite nightlife to keep you going or spas and resorts to help you relax.

Where to visit

While in Cuba, be sure to check out the city of Havana.  The ambiance there is one of festivity and cheerfulness drawing you to adore the scenery being offered.  The city is surrounded by hand painted street art and harmonizing sounds of guitars and voices creating the perfect rhythm of salsa music. You should also visit Viñales where you can hike through the fields which cultivate the best tobacco for some of the biggest cigar brands. In Viñales you can also visit the organic farms and learn their practises and techniques.  While in Cuba, you should also visit The Cuban Dance Club which provides visitors with the best Cuban nightlife experience there is to offer, also located in Viñales.

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