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Enjoy the Dutch Caribbean flavour

Now is the time to travel to Bonaire where a tropical paradise offering a variety of holiday activities awaits you.

Dive into the magic of this tropical island when you spend a vacation in Bonaire.   Enjoy the easy paced nature of this island as well as their warm welcoming locals who are sure to give you that home away from home feeling.  From the depths of their waters to the tallest peak, Brandaris, the island of Bonaire will surpass your greatest expectations.   Known as one of the ABC islands, Bonaire is located off the coast of South America.  When on the island stay in the finest accommodations, with a range of resorts, hotels and guest houses.  Whether seeking luxury or the economical choice you are sure to find a living arrangement which suits your needs.  On your holiday in Bonaire you are sure to come across the finest cuisine influenced by a variety of cultures.  Although Bonaire is not blessed with a wide range of locally grown foods, you will enjoy the best of American, Italian, French, Mexican and Asian flavours fused into a variety of tasty dishes.

If you are wondering where to begin your holiday adventure, begin at the heart of Bonaire, the country’s capital.   Kralendijk is lined by low-rise colonial era buildings which bear testament to the country’s history as well as add a unique charm to the city.   You can also stroll the waterfront day or night and take in the sights on offer.  Whilst walking you are sure to come across Fort Oranje a small bastion built by the Dutch in the 1700’s.  Within Kralendijk you will also find the Bonaire Museum, an 1885 house filled with folklore displays.   Bonaire’s appeal is its amazing reef-lined coast and for this reason be sure to visit Lac Bac with its powdery beach where you can enjoy a day of relaxation.  For an even greater adventure take to the waters of this premier windsurfing destination.  The beautiful waters of Bonaire also attract divers from across the globe.  Plunge beneath and explore a new world, full of colour and the most unique marine life.   To complete your holiday, trek the paths of the Washington-Slagbaai National Park which offers picturesque views of nature and with it encounter numerous animals along the way.  Your possibilities are endless on the island of Bonaire.

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