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Barefoot Restaurant

Looking to have a memorable anniversary celebration with your loved one? Barefoot Restaurant is the place to be. Sit near the shoreline of the deep blue ocean, and gaze at the lovely sunset while indulging in any of the delectable dishes the restaurant has to offer. Menu items are prepared at the hands of exceptional chefs and are from the Caribbean and European regions. Book your reservation at Barefoot Restaurant today for a magical celebration!

Carte Blanche Restaurant

A favorite of many and one of the very top restaurants in Palm Eagle Beach, Aruba, is Carte Blanche Restaurant serving dishes from European and International cuisine. The restaurant has been described as a true dining experience by several visitors and offers a high level of service, next to none. Carte Blanche is known for its superior chef Denis and his warm, friendly staff who make your dining experience an unforgettable one each and every time. Be sure to visit Carte Blanche and book those reservations at least three to four months in advance so you would not be disappointed!

Fred Restaurant

Offering European, International and Vegetarian cuisine, is Fred Restaurant, an amazingly unique restaurant in the beautiful island of Aruba. The number 1 restaurant by TripAdvisor offers a superb, one-of-a-kind experience as staff are always more than willing to assist you with your dining experience. The chef of the restaurant has great culinary expertise that he displays in each of his dishes; guaranteed that you will enjoy every bite as you view the beautiful ambiance. So make sure to try out Fred Restaurant when you visit the ABC island.

Passions on the Beach

Do you have a passion for the beach? Passions on the Beach is the restaurant for you! Make sure to indulge in any of the restaurant's marvelous dishes made to perfection. Relax and enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other and do not forget to try out one of the restaurant’s delicious daiquiris or tropical punches. Gaze in awe at the sun setting over the Caribbean Sea while you twinkle your toes in the white pearly sand. Book Passions on the Beach today for the best sunset dining experience!

The Flying Fishbone

Situated on the beach is one of the best eateries in Aruba; The Flying Fishbone. Ranking number 1 in Savaneta by TripAdvisor, the restaurant remains one of the top to dine at with a white sand beach and coconut trees amidst the dining tables making your experience a unique one. Sit back and relax on the shore with your family and friends while you enjoy your meal.