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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda awaits you, where two is better than one.

The sweet infectious rhythms of the steel pan filling the air.  A breath-taking view of the harbour below.  A Sunday night you will never forget.  This is what the 18th century guard post, Shirley Heights will treat you to in the beautiful islands of Antigua and Barbuda.  Every Sunday as the sun sets, this historic site during the day, comes alive with a colourful display of local music, food and dance, at night.  Colonized by the British in the mid 1600’s separated only by a few nautical miles became an independent state in 1981. 

The bigger of the two islands, Antigua is home to the famous Antigua Recreation Cricket Ground, at which the highest individual test score of 400 not out was made.  This island also boasts of beautiful pottery fashioned from local clay, which dates back to the early 18th century during the time of slavery.  Sea View Farm Village is the home of pottery in Antigua and it is here that visitors can get a glimpse of the intricate work that goes into the shaping of the pieces.  Another must visit in Antigua is Indian Town National Park, located at the north-eastern side of the island.  This park once thought to be an Arawak campsite offers one of the most spectacular sights on the island, that of water spouting from the numerous blow holes surrounding the park.  Devil’s Bridge, a large, natural limestone arch is also one of the major attractions within the park.

Coupled together these islands are known as the “land of 365 beaches” due to the many beaches which surround them.  A 90 minute journey via ferry from Antigua will take you to the beautiful island of Barbuda and it is here that you can get a glimpse of what this truly means.  For the leisure trip, miles of white gorgeous sand lay ahead for the ultimate relaxation.  For the romantic couple, a horse-back ride into the sunset awaits you.  For the family, it affords you the opportunity to frolic in the cool breeze and fresh tropical air.  

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