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White sandy beaches, calming breeze, turquoise waters, all await you on the island of Anguilla. 

Nestled away in the north of the Caribbean chain, this beautiful island offers you an authentic Caribbean experience.  The kind, gracious people of Anguilla will ensure your stay is like no other, giving you that home away from home.   

On vacation simply to embrace all this island has to offer?  Then, take a trip to the Old Valley.  Here you will fix your eyes on this little island’s history, through the lens of its architecture.  Structures such as the Ebenezer Methodist church, Miss Marjorie’s House, Rose Cottage and Warden’s Place all bear testament to the rich history of Anguilla stemming from its Amerindian descendants and their colonisation by the British in 1650.  Crocus Bay another point of interest also has its very own story to tell, as the site of the first military invasion by the French in 1745.

Stepping even further into the history of Anguilla, there is the Old Salt Factory and Pumphouse which by day displays the island’s once booming salt economy.  Hang around this lovely structure until the sun sets and witness its transformation into the popular night spot locals know it for, singing and dancing away to the melodic sounds that are Anguilla.

Seeking further entertainment, one can venture to the entertainment capital of the island, Sandy Grounds.  Here a true night life experience will greet you, with many imaginative beach bars and fun casual restaurants ready to embrace you.  A trip to Anguilla isn’t only for the historian or party goer however, but this unique island also caters to families, simple leisure trips or a romantic getaway.  The many resorts which grace the beautiful coast line of Anguilla will provide the ultimate in relaxation for those who wish to soak in the sun as gentle waves caress the shore.  Maybe a sunset walk, hand in hand is all you require with that special someone with the cool waters lapping at your feet.  
If you can dream it, the warm, beautiful island of Anguilla will bring it to life.  

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