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Turquoise Waters and a Tranquil Vacation    

When peace, tranquility and warm ocean waters are what you’re seeking, you’ll feel right at home in Tahiti. The island chain consists of 118 islands that make up what’s known as French Polynesia -- a grouping of islands located about halfway between Australia and California, USA, making it as convenient to access from Asia or Australia as it is from North or South America. Wherever you’re coming from, you can bet that you’ll have a tranquil vacation when you travel to Tahiti.

Where to stay

The capital city of French Polynesia is Pape'ete, and is consequently where most travelers tend to land when they arrive in Tahiti. It’s a good place to find an upscale boutique hotel or other 4- or 5-star accommodations if you don’t have much time to venture elsewhere. If you’re staying for a while, consider one of the other outlying islands such as Bora Bora or Hauhine, where you’ll also find wonderful accommodations -- just fewer crowds. Wherever you stay though, you’re sure to delight in the warm turquoise waters, the gorgeous white and black-sand beaches, and the laid-back atmosphere that makes Tahiti so special.

What to do

If you’re a lover of water sports, then you’re sure to love Tahiti. Surfing is naturally a big attraction in Tahiti, but if you’re in for a more relaxed way to enjoy the Pacific Ocean, check out the world-class snorkeling or diving excursions. With the crystal clear waters and the abundance of undersea wildlife, it’s an experience of a lifetime. Numerous boats are available to take you ocean diving, snorkeling, or just exploring around one of the many islands small and large.

French Polynesia is also a hotspot for luxury spas, so for the most relaxing time possible, check out the banana wrap body treatments, hot stone massages, or other fun and unique spa packages available on the islands. And when it’s time to go out for dinner, stop off at one of Tahiti’s pearl boutiques and grab a Tahitian cultured pearl to add to your outfit!

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