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New Zealand

Stunning and diverse.

New Zealand is a stunning country with a diverse natural beauty filled with jagged mountains, rolling pasture land, scenic beaches, raging rivers and active volcanic zones. The country consists of two main islands – North Island and South Island and many smaller ones in the South Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is jam-packed with many things to do. The most difficult thing about planning a holiday to New Zealand, is deciding what to do first.

Where to Visit

When in New Zealand do not miss the chance to visit some of the locations the infamous Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy were filmed. These were filmed in more than 150 locations throughout the country and many activities and attractions offer the chance to visit these locations.

What to do

New Zealand caters to the outsider- if adventure sports presses all your buttons, get ready for the trip of a lifetime. New Zealand offers a range of adrenalin activities such as bungee jumping, rafting, skydiving, off-road driving and much more. The country also caters to activities for energetic bodies and minds such as golfing, motorcycling, and mountain biking.

The South Island is home to 3 main ski areas and restaurants galore. In the North Island you have the opportunity to ski on an active volcano at Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand’s largest commercial ski area.

Sailing, surfing, diving and fishing are jus some of the activities to enjoy on the waters in New Zealand.

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