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Enjoy the warm tropical climate, friendly locals and numerous breathtaking attractions.

Where to visit

Fiji, often called the Fiji Islands is a Melanesian country in the South Pacific Ocean, comprised of 332 islands of which 110 are inhabited.  Divided into several regions, Fiji offers you varying experiences as you explore.  Viti Levi is the mainland and Fiji’s largest island.  Here you can find the capital of Fiji, Suva and the Nadi International Airport.  In addition Viti Levi is home to several museums and places of interest, as well as countless hotels, resorts and other accommodations.  The Mamanuca Islands is another popular region within Fiji.  The wide variety of offshore resorts here ensures that the island caters to a broad spectrum of travellers.  In addition this region is covered in natural beauty and offers several tours for those who wish to stroll its serene paths.  The Yasawa Islands boasts of stretches of pristine beach and clear, cool waters.  The Kadavu Island mirrors Yasawa and is also home to stretches of beach fit for fun in the sun and relaxation.  You will also find some numerous diving spots around the island offering breath-taking views below its surface.

What to do

There are numerous attractions in Fiji which will entertain you on your holiday.  Visit the Kula Eco Park, Fiji’s only wildlife park, located on the mainland.  Here will you see numerous endangered species, with the opportunity to get up close and personal with a few.  Known for its religious nature, you will also find several temples in Fiji, including the Sri Siva Temple Subramaniya Temple.  This landmark built in 1926 is the largest Hindu Temple in the Southern Hemisphere.  To enjoy the history of Fiji, journey to the Fiji Museum.  Located in the heart of Suva’s botanical gardens, the Fiji Museum carries a remarkable collection, inclusive of archaeological material dating back over 3000 years.  To enjoy the natural paradise this collection of islands is, take a trip to the Navua River.  Located in Viti Levu, this river flows 65 km and offers not only picturesque views of nature but also the exhilliarating activity of river rafting.  

When to visit

The warm, tropical climate in Fiji makes it a year round holiday destination.  There are also a hosts of activities throughout the year that will captivate your attention.  During the month of October there is the Hibiscus Festival which features a variety events including traditional shows, parades and the renowned Hibiscus Ball.  The Bula Festival held in Nadi is also a highlight with several parades, local marching bands and beauty pageants.  

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