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Sri Lanka

For a tropical vacation immersed in a rich culture, you can’t beat Sri Lanka.

The island nation just south of India features the temples and tropical jungles you might come to expect in a South Asian nation -- while at the same time offering delicious foods and a delightful people.

What to Do

Visit the northern region of Sri Lanka to see the gorgeous highlands from which the world’s most pristine Ceylon tea is grown. From there, you can also experience hiking to waterfalls, or climbing the country’s highest mountain. In the southern regions, see some of the country’s most famous -- and oldest -- temples, as well as visiting some of the beach resorts that offer you a relaxing, warm beach vacation. In addition, look for activities including surfing along the southern and western coasts, and kite surfing and diving along the island’s eastern coast. Sri Lanka is also known for its whale watching in the Indian Ocean, with boats available on the southern and eastern coastlines.

Where to Stay

For a beach vacation, set your sights on areas including Arugam Bay -- featuring multiple surf breaks -- or the beach resorts of Robolgoda or Beruwela, where you’ll find comfortable accommodations. The capital city of Colombo also offers a wide range of accommodations, from high-end hotels to budget hostels.

What to Eat

Sri Lanka’s cuisine very closely mimics that of South Indian cuisine. With that in mind, expect to have rice and curry on the menu in many of the establishments you visit when you travel to Sri Lanka. Food is inexpensive and delicious. Stop at any of the “hotels” -- actually small cafes -- for different variations on curry, soups and salads, usually piled high with more than enough rice. Also worth trying over and over are “kottu roti” -- a combination of meats, vegetables and bread often served with a spicy sauce. Eating in Sri Lanka is often a delight -- especially when you’re open to trying the local specialities!

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