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South Korea

Seaside towns, quaint fishing villages and stunning cities await you when you travel to South Korea.

As a peninsula-shaped nation, South Korea is heavily influenced by water -- so expect to see a lot of it and even get out on a boat or two! Here’s a little of what you can expect during your exciting trip to South Korea.

What to Do

In the capital city of Seoul, you’ll find a modern tech-focused city that still saves room for the occasional temple worth exploring. Seoul is a great place to go out on the town and seek out a hot new cocktail or popular club. Meanwhile on the historic side, Seoul’s sightseeing highlights include Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namdaemun -- “the great south gate” -- and Seodaemun Prison.

Head out of the city and you’ll get to see gorgeous countryside and amazing beaches and islands. Also not to be missed are some of South Korea’s hot springs, including Heosimcheong Spa in Busan, South Korea’s dazzling second-largest city.

South Koreans don’t see as many tourists as other countries in the region -- so don’t expect to be a stranger for long! South Koreans are very welcoming to their visitors, and that can mean you’ll find yourself being invited to dinner, or even to a Korean’s home just for a visit.

What to Eat

Name a popular Korean dish and chances are it’s either spicy or fermented -- and Koreans love it that way. Popular dishes include kim chee, made from fermented cabbage and other vegetables, and bibimbap, a savory rice, vegetable and meat dish served in a hot stone bowl with a variety of pickled vegetables on the side. Also popular is bulgogi, a marinated meat dish, and rib dishes cooked on a charcoal grill right on your table. Every Korean region has its own specialties, so be sure to try that regional specialty wherever your travels to Korea take you. The idea is to be as adventurous as possible, and in South Korea you’ll definitely need that sense of adventure!

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