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Explore the ancient and modern in this vast country.

With so many things to see and do, it’s no wonder that you’re considering traveling to Japan for your next big trip. Whether you’re seeking culinary delights, stunning scenery, or ancient history, Japan is a modern destination that honors its ancient traditions. Here’s a small sample of the things you can do and see on your exciting trip to Japan. 

What to Do

Exploring Japan by day or night there is always something to do, but the first stop is the city’s street markets. Here, you can find everything from electronics to local foods, or a trinket or two to bring home. Japan is full of culture that is easily accessible and not to mention clean. The network is extensive and the trains are comfortable, clean, safe and always on time! Geishas are one of the most fascinating aspects of Japan. Getting a closer look at the extravagant kimonos, ornate hairstyles, and iconic white make up of these graceful women is quite an experience. For the historic event, don’t forget to head to Hiroshima to pay your respects to the victims of the atomic bombing at its moving Peace Memorial Park.

What to Eat

You’ll find lots of exotic foods everywhere you go when you’re in Japan. The level of love and respect that goes into food preparation is nothing short of inspiring, delicious, and mind blowing. And it’s in no way limited to high-end or fine dining. From cheap neighborhood noodle shops to top restaurants, the quality and taste of food in Japan is a foodies heaven.

Where to Stay

Looking for 5-star hotels in Japan? No problem. On a bit of a budget? You can do that too. Japan has it all. 

Take advantage of amazing travel experiences in Japan by consulting with your trusted travel advisor. Contact Going Places Travel to book your trip today.