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Explore the ancient and modern in this vast country.

When you think of an Asian vacation, it’s often the sights of China that come to mind first. And for good reason; traveling to China can mean walking along the infamous Great Wall and touring the Forbidden City, taking a tour of the terracotta warriors of Xian, or walking along the famed walkway of The Bund in Shanghai.

With a country as large and as vast as China, you’ll have to take quite a long vacation in order to even scratch the surface of what there is to offer.

Things to Do

When you travel to China, it’s often the east coast of the country that you’ll experience first. Flights to Shanghai or Beijing are most common -- though each of those cities offers a different experience. Fly to the capital city of Beijing to experience the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square, as well as the Olympic Village; fly into Shanghai for a dose of cosmopolitan China, including high rises and local citizens dressed in high-fashion style.

Head to the western part of China to see the terracotta army of Xian, or visit the giant panda reserve of Chengdu to visit some of China’s most beloved creatures.

Where to Stay

Chinese cities are enormous in size, and that means there are plenty of accommodations for every budget. Five-star hotels can be found in the capital and in other major cities, as well as budget hostels and everything in between. And for a dose of what life is really like in China, you might even consider signing up for a home stay for a few days, where you’ll get to experience real life in the country -- and delight in the family’s delicious -- and adventurous -- home-cooked meals.

What to Eat

Chinese food is as broad as the country itself, but in many places, you’ll eat family style with loads of smaller dishes coming out continually. Delight in the “real” Peking Duck in Beijing, or head for Sichuan Province to experience “hot pot” in its native habitat. You’ll also find a host of street food delights that include hot and cold noodles, barbecued meats and vegetables. Pack your sense of adventure and you’ll have a great time!

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