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1. Heavy Books and Magazines

Carrying heavy books and magazines can add unnecessary weight to your luggage. Leave your volume of War and Peace at home and opt for a lightweight e-book reader instead. That way, you can sail with as many books as you prefer without the added load.

2. Home Appliances

Even in cases where there is no iron provided, it’s still illegal to bring one aboard because it can pose a fire hazard. Many ships now offer laundry pressing facilities for a fee. Alternatively, you could simply use clever packing methods to minimize creasing of clothes.

3. Dangerous Toys

Cruise lines want to carry and deliver you and your family as safely as possible. For this reason, toys that could pose a threat to safety such as segways, hoverboards or even large kites are prohibited for understandable reasons.

4. Liquor or Beer

Hard liquor and beer are strictly forbidden by all major cruise-lines. Luckily, wine and champagne are usually allowed, but you should check with your Travel Advisor to ensure you don’t go beyond the permissible limit.

5. New, Unworn Shoes

Most shoes require a “breaking in” period. The last thing you want is blistered feet on a walking tour in a country that you are not familiar with. For this reason, plan ahead by wearing the shoes for a few weeks prior to your cruise to get accustomed to them.