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Take your taste buds on a magical journey and taste the world of phenomenal South Indian cuisine. Chettinad is known for its many culinary delicacies. This is not just another Curry House! Come and enjoy your meal at Chettinad where quality meets tradition!

Honest Burger

Are you honestly ready to taste one of the best burgers in London? Locally-grown, responsibly sourced ingredients are used to create their perfect patties, brilliant buns and scrumptious sides. They also offer barbeque chicken wings, apple beetroot and red slaw cabbage coleslaw and mouthwatering onion rings which will never disappoint. Honest Burger definitely deserved their Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor and should be visited while in London.

Koshari Street

For all you vegetarian and vegan lovers, come on down to Koshari Street and taste the wonders of the pure Egyptian cuisine they offer. With tasty food at reasonable prices, it’s the closest thing in the West End to a free lunch! As much as this place is a takeaway joint, there is still plenty of space to sit and enjoy the bustling atmosphere.

Scandinavian Kitchen

Encounter great service from the warm welcoming staff at Scandinavian Kitchen and treat yourself to tasty combos of salads, open sandwiches, wraps, soups or hot dogs with crispy onions. This cute and amazingly cheap restaurant will definitely surprise you by turning simple foods into a remarkable tasting meal.

Pizza Pilgrims

Stop by at Pizza Pilgrims and await a delicious tasting pizza of your choice. Try any of the many unique toppings they have to offer on their famous soft and chewy crust. As you sit among other pizza lovers at the green-checkered tables you automatically find yourself relaxed and enjoying the bubbly personalities of their staff. You will definitely enjoy this very traditional Italian pizzeria found in the heart of London.