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A Taste of Everything

When you think of London, some of the first things to come to mind might be the Royal Family's palaces, the signature red phone booths or the double-decker buses -- but in reality, London is a world city that offers a sampling of things from nearly every walk of life. From the food to the accommodations to the people you'll see on the street, you'll get a truly international experience when you travel to London.

When to Visit

If your flight into London has you arriving in the spring, you'll be greeted with a host of blooming flowers and bustling people, all out enjoying the warmer weather and the break from the cloudy skies. Try to visit in the late spring to early fall, when walking around won't always require your "brolly" -- as Londoners tend to call their umbrellas.

Where to Stay

Deciding on the right accommodations or hotels in London might depend on your budget. Higher-class hotels tend to be centered around Westminster and Kensington, though they'll come at a higher price tag than the hostels and bed and breakfasts you can find in nearly every corner of London. Wherever you stay, look for accommodations that are within a short walk of the London Underground -- also called "the tube" -- which will give you access to the rest of the city and its many tourist attractions.

Things to Do

Naturally, some of your days will have to be filled with visiting the sights of central London, including Piccadilly Circus, the national museums, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London -- that is, if you can fit them all in! For a more international experience, check out the markets of Camden, or the fun, bustling vintage and record shops of Brixton. And of course, everywhere you go you'll also have your pick among Indian, African, Caribbean and European cuisine, as well as English fare. Visit any number of the local pubs for a taste of authentic English food, and top it all off with a pint of English beer. Even though you're in a major world city, visiting the local pubs will be the fastest way to make local friends!

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