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New York City

Enjoy shopping, dining, and a host cultural activities, when you visit New York City.

NYC is known as the “City that Never Sleeps” for countless reasons. You can participate in activities from dawn to dusk and still not have enough time to see it all. Each person’s experience will be completely different, and regardless of who you are, you will find something about New York to love. The city is diverse and is ready to offer you a dazzling world of wonders.

You can shop in world-famous stores, have a picnic in Central Park, go see one or more Broadway shows, experience the top of the Empire State Building, or take that ultra-touristy picture in the center of Times Square.  If you are into arts and culture, visit the countless museums New York has to offer, attend the Metropolitan Opera, or go listen to some jazz music at a local club.  It is also an excellent destination to bring children and the whole family. You can mix in visiting toy stores to museums so that your trip can be filled with education and fun.

From Brooklyn to Manhattan, to Queens or Staten Island, you will find countless cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs. For ethnic food, consider visiting Chinatown or Little Italy. You may even wander into less known territories such as Little Thailand in Elmhurst, Queens, or Little Turkey in East 40s, Manhattan.  From luxury hotels in New York City’s center to New York City’s cheap hotels in the bustling side streets, you will be able to find something that suits your budget. Remember that location will be key, so plan out the top New York neighborhoods you want to explore, and book a hotel close by to minimize your travel time.

Whatever you choose, there are plenty of ways you can save with New York City deals from Going Places Travel, on cheap flights and accommodation.  New York City is a destination you will want to have experienced at least once in your lifetime. Make this magical concrete jungle your next holiday destination!

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